Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thought Of The Day

I wonder how many lives and billions of dollars could be saved every year if treatment professionals adopted a spiritual approach to addiction recovery vs. throwing prescription drugs at the problem. Handing out prescriptions for addiction-related issues seems an awful lot like putting out a fire with a bucket of gasoline.

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  1. Hi my friend, an interesting thought for sure....something that came to me after reading - "addiction related issues" - isn't it the other way around though, the "issues" we have/had in life are what we allowed to take us into addiction in the first place? I agree prescriptions can be thrown around way too easily, however I am sure there are quite a few instances where they are neccessary, even if only in the interim.....someone like myself who has PTSD and BPD, who has been high on the list of attempted suicides is not going to be able to see a lot of sense in what others may have to say (i.e. professional) re a spiritual approach "until" they are somewhat stabilised mentally and or emotionally? feel so low as to want to end life on earth is a pretty head screwed place to be and I know I for one was not interested in what others had to say when it came to getting 'talk therapy' and as for God, I'm afraid my attitude to Him was pretty bad.
    I will admit that when I finally began recovery for drug addiction it was a sobering alcoholic that introduced me to the Serenity Prayer and yes I slowly began to seek God out once again....
    I do strongly agree the spiritual approach is THE answer to all of our problems, just have to WANT it bad enough I guess. With love and respect, Felicity.