Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Slice Of Humble Pie?

In my last blog post, Surrender was the flavor of the day. Surrender is a key element in asking for, and receiving, a Spiritual Healing that removes all desire for alcohol or drugs. In order to surrender our addiction to a Higher Power effectively, however, we must ask humbly. You might want to blow the dust off your old album collection and listen to a little Humble Pie as you read along.

For your listening pleasure, here's one of my personal Humble Pie favorites that never fails to remind me of my month-long vacation in Club Rehab every time I hear it.

When we talk about surrendering one’s will, we’re not talking about surrendering our will to live or the positive things that make us who we are in life. We’re simply surrendering the issues that we’ve locked away behind the walls our ego has built around them. Those issues serve no purpose, are the source of our pain, and need to get out of Dodge.

Imagine yourself taking your fears, childhood abuse, anger, addiction or other negative issues you’ve been carrying inside and placing them in your hands. You no longer have any use for them and you ask your Higher Power to take them from you. When you are working the 3 Steps, you are doing just that – placing all your problems in your Higher Power’s hands. Your Higher Power will be more than happy to take them away and replace them with peace, love, and contentment.

But in order for it to happen, you and your Higher Power must be able to connect, one-on-one. This is where the word “humbly” becomes important. Being humble doesn’t mean we must tremble in fear or bow our heads in shame before a Higher Power. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A Higher Power consists of nothing but divine love and never judges or punishes us. Our Higher Power is our best friend.  Asking humbly simply means that we must lower our guard, tear down the ego-driven walls we’ve built to protect us, and open ourselves to the hand that reaches out to us. Think of it as the Law of Attraction, where similar energies are attracted to one another. In this case, the energy is universal love. In order to attract love, we must open our hearts to receiving it, with no ego thoughts, no pride, or other obstacles to block the flow of energy. Imagine humility as being stranded alone on a desert island and seeing a rescue boat heading your way. You would be too lost in the moment to wonder how the captain found you or to question the rescue process. You would feel a combination of deep despair for having been stranded and an overwhelming sense of gratitude at the same time. This example defines a state of humbleness, or humility, in a nutshell.

Anyone that has ever experienced a sudden, intense spiritual healing will tell you that there are no words to describe the feeling. Gentle, yet intense waves of pure warmth and love flow through one’s entire body and years of sadness, shame, guilt or other negative emotions are wiped away in an instant – these fear-based emotions are replaced with a sense of calm and quiet strength that never leave us again. As a result, issues such as addiction, depression, loneliness, and other common ailments also disappear. We later realize that the pain we experienced were merely symptoms of deeper issues, and not the source of the problem. Do we become perfect people after a spiritual healing? Absolutely not – we will still have good days and bad ones and we will still have our faults. But the way we react to them will improve on a large scale. 

How does this happen? When we experience a spiritual connection with a Higher Power, we allow pure healing energy to enter into our being. This love displaces the shame, guilt, and other negative emotions that have ruled our thoughts in the past.

Think of ego as a man-made dam, holding back the water of love. When we open the floodgates (surrender our will), we allow that water to flow into us and through us, which is how divine love works. Love’s very nature is to flow purely and endlessly.

The way we open the floodgates and unblock the dam is through admitting powerlessness, humbly and sincerely surrendering our own will to a power greater than our own, and simply asking a Higher Power to remove the issue(s) that we have been unable to overcome using our own willpower. We must be very specific when we ask, however. For example, if you’re asking for help with an alcohol addiction, it’s important to ask your Higher Power to please remove the urge to drink. Asking only for your life to change is too general a question. By asking for your most urgent problem to be removed, we allow our Higher Power to form a stronger connection with us and to “zoom in” on a particular need.

Like most things in life, practice makes perfect, and we don’t always make the connection with our Higher Power the first time around. We often must ask many times a day over a period of days, weeks, or even months before we experience an intense spiritual healing. But as long as we follow the basics – surrender, sincerity, and asking humbly – it’s not a question of whether it will happen, but when. The energy is always here, with us, waiting to flow to us. We simply need to meet it halfway and our Higher Power will do the rest.  

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